Saturday, March 17, 2007

So this is a Nor’easter

I’m impressed. I’m also snowbound, and my flight’s been cancelled.

It took me over two hours this afternoon to make the return leg of a trip I’d made in 20 minutes this morning.

I was able to order a pizza earlier tonight; neither rain, nor sleet, nor blizzard will daunt the intrepid Domino’s man. I went out to the lobby area of my motel a little while later, and saw a couple of people had persuaded the desk manager to break out some of their continental breakfast supplies. I gave them the rest of the pie, so I got to feel like a good guy after feeling like a bad guy (for eating pizza). If this kept up for three weeks, I wonder if Donner-like strategies would start occuring to people.

Impressive accumulations – I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get out of here. I’m reluctant to give up my little motel room, but I may end up staying in the airport, if the flight scheduled for tomorrow afternoon ends up getting cancelled after I surrender my card key and rental car.

I hope the power holds out.


fluffy black puppies said...

i made good money delivering pizzas for them. got the job because i had no tickets [i know, hard to believe]. you'd be surprised at what the job entails [i was, anyway].

ps. it's about 80 degrees here.

TenaciousK said...

I just had about thirty inappropriate ideas flash through my head, involving both seedy stereotypes about pizza delivery persons and novel/unique thoughts about what job duties might possibly surprise me.

[not implying anything about you, of course - just my undisciplined imagination running away from me for a minute].

Yesterday, I was out of town on a day trip. It was sprinkling rain off and on throughout the day, with mist wreathing the top of Steele Butte, and obscuring the crown of the Henry Mountains, where the buffalo live, and from the looks of it, the Mountain King, in his lofty halls. Orcs could live there.

Or elves. Trolls, most certainly. And damn few people.

Not that I'm antisocial or anything, but that last part really appeals to me.