Sunday, March 11, 2007

Doesn’t everybody diet in the Spring?

I lost a lot of weight awhile back, but I’ve some of it back on (you know, stress, domestic laziness, tobacco-abstinent), so I’m back on the diet bandwagon in anticipation of summer.

I lost all my weight before by refusing to diet (though I didn't have much time to exercise, either). I decided diets are all about satiety, so I took all of the simple carbs away (incl. White flour, though I’ll continue to eat whole wheat flour), and most of the fats. I decided my body needed to reacquaint itself with glycogen production and utilization, and sugars were the absolute worst thing I could eat.

Splenda had just come out, and I developed a set of recipes that proved to be tremendously helpful. This was my most successful – I ate about a thousand of these (gotta’ have something to grab on the go, or when I’m craving carbs/have the munchies, etc.).

Killer diet bran muffins

Break up two bananas and microwave for two minutes. Mash with fork.
Add: 2/3 cup unsweetened applesauce
1 ¼ cups milk
three beaten eggs (egg substitute works fine)
Two cups all bran cereal
½ cup TVP (of the “Bob’s Red Mill” variety)
Raisins to suit
Let soak for a couple of minutes

Add 1 ¼ cups whole-wheat flour
1 cup (or more, if you like them sweeter) Splenda
1 Tablespoon baking powder
Cinnamon to cover the top of the bowl

Use cooking spray (preferably the “baking” variety with the added flour) and fill a dozen muffin cups (a little overfull is fine). Bake at 400 for about 25 minutes.

Particularly tasty with some of that liquid butter-substitute, hot out of the oven.

These muffins need to be refrigerated (sugar acts a little like a preservative, apparently, because these will mold in a couple days if left out).

Can substitute dried cranberries or diced apple (or both) for raisins.

I’ll figure out the protein / carbs later, but trust me when I say: they’ll do the trick when you’re jonesing for carbs (particularly if you make them a little on the sweet side), and when you’ve eaten one you feel like you’ve eaten something.

I love TVP: instant protein (satiety, remember?) and you can slip it into a lot of things. I’d add equal amounts TVP and water to oatmeal while I was cooking it (hardly notice it, especially if you’re adding Splenda, Raisins and Cinnamon) – about ¼ cup (each) per serving.

Another (I made again last night) is…

Fat-Free Clam Dip

1 cup fat free cottage cheese
1 cup fat free sour cream (gotta’ be the brand in the cow-print container).
2 cans minced clams, mostly (but not completely) drained.
Worcester sauce and Season Salt to taste (maybe a little regular salt, if the season salt is getting to be too much).

Sometimes for variety, I’d add a couple tablespoons of my favorite (sweet) chili sauce (Homade, which despite the evocatively inappropriate-seeming name, is available most everywhere).

Fantastic on cut vegetables.

I’ll post a couple pancake recipes later.


Archaeopteryx said...

Damn, those muffins look good. Won't work on my diet though--Atkins. Unhealthy, but it works.

TenaciousK said...

Ah, but I'm reasonably sure you can do the clam dip, and I seem to recall that even Atkins allows vegetables.


I've tried different flours from time to time, but have been disappointed. I tried to find some of that Atkins baking substance, but was unable. But I'd probably have to take the damn raisins out anyway, and I'm tellin' you, the muffins would suck without them.

The biggest problem with Atkins (health issues aside) is cravings. My goal was to create a diet in which cravings could be satisfied with as little dietary damage as possible. I still think it's a good strategy.

But I'm a weak, weak, weak Krispy Kreme lover, and it's a mistake to assume that everybody else has the same miniscule level of willpower.

fluffy black puppies said...

[drool... ]

Thomas Paine said...

Nice, someone else from Utah! Or as I call it, the Theocratic Republic of Zion (I am in Park City)

Think I will have to try the muffins -- sounds really good. I should drop 10+ pounds, and my wife is trying to drop more than that, so we are always looking for healthy, appealing alternatives.

We did the Atkins thing a few years ago, and lost a bit but couldn't stick with it (we are mostly vegetarian, so finding enough protein and fat oriented food was hard).

At least now that the weather is turning to Spring, it is easier to get outdoor exercise -- already gotten in a few long bicycle rides. Fukin' stationary bike in the gym just doesn't cut it! And with crap snow conditions this year, we have not skied nearly as much as in past years.

TenaciousK said...

Hi Fluffy!
Guilt-free muffins: good for the soul. The clam dip is easier, though, and nearly as entertaining.

Welcome, Thomas! Are you a Fray refugee (like, should I know you by another name?), or a Wikifray original? Thanks for visiting.

Yeah, I'm a Utahnite. We two are not the only ones, however - BiteoftheWeek is also a Zionista. This makes us disproportionately represented, which is probably not a random occurence, and implies something unfortunate about social life in Utah (though Park City, or "New Gomorrah", as it's frequently referred to hereabouts), is almost a little country of it's own.

Kind've like our own little Monaco.

I'm impressed you have both the values and the fortitude for vegetarianism. It is certainly the most ethical and responsible choice.

Unfortunately, I'm weak, and rather taken with iniquity, and was traumatized by mean cows when stream fishing as an innocent and defenseless youth. I have no doubt there are cows that would've eaten me, given half the chance. I'm just returning the favor (with interest).

Skiing is one of those things I'd like to rediscover. I haven't been since I got married, and now that I'm divorcing, it's on my short list (somewhat after sex, under the collumn entitled "No, it really is ok to spend a little money taking care of yourself."

I haven't been posting as much as I'd like (busy, busy, busy), but hope to remedy that in the near future.

Thanks for visiting.

Thomas Paine said...

Yeah, I hang out at the Fray, and stumbled on your site via WikiFray.

I don't stake out any special moral grounds with my vegetarianism -- just that is how I was raised and never acquired much of a taste for meat -- especially red meat. We do eat fish and some chicken etc.

On the Fray, I mostly hang out at Faith-Based and Blogging the Bible -- logical spots for an atheist/deist I suppose LOL