Sunday, March 25, 2007

Going, going....

So, after hearing some disgruntled comments about comments appearing on wikifray, I set up the Feedbite links below. Since then, the number of people who've used the links to leave comments without appearing on wikifray is...


Of course, it's entirely possible I haven't written anything worth commenting on. Still, I think it's going to have to go.

Last chance: list your objections (on feedbite is fine with me), if you have them. If not, why waste the space?


Sleepy said...

I appreciated what you tried to do there.

I just attempted to use it, I had to sign up and to be honest I'm way too apathetic for that.

Also, I'm piss poor at commenting!
Sorry and Thank You.

TenaciousK said...

Well, that explains it - I didn't realize people would actually have to sign up, just to leave a comment [attn. feedbite: it's dumb to disallow anonymous comments or insist on user registration].

I was originally trying to set up a clone blog, where posts and comments would appear and could be addressed, without anything reflecting back on the primary blog. I'm pretty sure I could figure it out, if I had the time and the inclination. The latter I do have, but the former is in unfortunately short supply, so I guess I'll just let it go.

People have various motivations for being involved in Wikifray, I imagine. Some of us have used it to maintain a network which started on Slate's fray (to which an unknown but presumably large number of us were sort of addicted; wikifray is Fray methadone). Comment feeds etc. are intended to up the amount of cross referall through a central node, which I still think was an excellent and novel idea. Only the first (not sure how many) characters appear on Wikifray - not entire comments.

I still don't get the aversion to comment feeds. If people are that self-conscious about what they are broadcasting on an intensely public forum which lacks any access restriction, perhaps they ought to rethink what they're saying. I mean, it's the internet, right? If you don't want people to read your words, then why are you posting them?

But that said, Sleepy, it wasn't really you I was thinking of when I made the option available. I was thinking of some of the other Fray refugees I came across here in blogland. But, the ones who are most uncomfortable commenting also don't seem to be visiting anymore, and after reading what was being said about me, I'm not inclined to pursue them. There's a line between eccentric and paranoid, and I cross that one often enough at work, thanks.

I appreciate your coming over, though. Please stop by any time.

And if I ever get that clone blog thing figured out, I'll let you know.

Sleepy said...

Thanks for the explanation of the wikifray thing.

I had never heard of it until someone who had surfed (I presume) in to my blog, suggested I have a look and perhaps post something.

I think it was just unfortunate timing that when I did have a look there was some kind of 'war' going on.
I chose to stay out of it.

The whole 'feed' thing, was more to do with my Cyber Ignorance than anything else.
I have read up and rectified that!

Anonymous said...

Feedbite will add support for anonymous comments next week.

TenaciousK said...

Anon: If feedbite will add support for anonymous comments (I'm assuming this will also mean people don't need to register), then I'm certainly inclined to leave the feedbite links on my blog. If people need to register, or identify themselves, it's of limited use (most people, like Sleepy, won't bother I imagine).

Thanks for your response.

Anonymous said...


Just a quick pop-in to say thanks for your nice comments over there (and via this to fill in an information gap!)


TenaciousK said...

My pleasure, syd/dave. I'm afraid the link doesn't work, though, so I'm still in the dark.

That you'd want to share it, however, implies good news, so I'm all for it. Good luck with whatever it is you're up to.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comments are now supported on feedbite, you just have to enter a few digits from one of those security images (to prevent spam).

catnapping said...

I love seeing oddneighbor comments appear on wikifray. I thrive on external validation.

It was 19 degrees here yesterday morning. The daffodils didn't mind a bit. God, I love being home.

TenaciousK said...

I like seeing the commnets on feedbite too - blended with the comments from the blogs of our common (in the shared, not the pedestrian sense) friends. It adds a sense of community to what otherwise would be loose associations - something the blogging world seems it could do with more of.

But there's some powerful paranoia going around out there in the nooks and crannies of the etherworld, and a few people who just object to either the detraction from the Fray, or certain characters behind it.

I think it's stupid, obviously, but it is deep enough to have cost me a cyber friendship or two, I think (my own assholism might have a little something to do with it as well, of course).

But to tell you the truth, I don't anticipate the feebite comment option will be used - I think the people most inclined to use it are now least inclined to visit here.

But I'm not about to remove it now - not after feedbite came and gave me a personal solution to my little dillema! I mean, how often does that happen?

sydbristow said...

Hi again TK,

I'm sorry re above, wasn't meaning to be cryptic, more a function of limited time. Anyway, just back from a few days (only!) in Beijing, wonderful time, vacation only (in fact here (bottom) is 3/5ths of our crew [spanning 3 generations of family, my wife's side], plus guide), I'm going to try to post on it soon (unlike waiting 2.5 yrs like I did for Burgess Shale).

Keep on keeping on .. later