Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What is it about animals that makes this so sad?

I came across this today. Something about the innocence and trust of animals - kinship, but not so close as to trigger identification in a way that might get in the way [thinking about how people often seem more moved by the plight of animals than children].

If we're stewards, what kind of a job are we doing?


Galatea said...

I hope these killers reincarnate into bananas over and over again!

Speaking of stewards...Remember Denethor, Steward of Gondor?
...Well, there you go.

By the way, you win the Profile Photo Award of all time (I lurk therefore I’ve seen…a lot of them)

TenaciousK said...

Thanks for the award - I change them often, so check back!

Galatea said...

I link you too; an am touched by the hook-up…but could you go me a tremendous favor and label the link Diotima Modes. Please.
Thanks in advance for your inevitable understanding!

TenaciousK said...


My experiences on the fray produced some interesting self-observations, not the least of which was I ended up looking for, and interacting with, the people I most disagreed with. And liking them, sometimes a lot.

Not inimating anything here, because I only really remember seeing your name.

But coming off the Fray and into the blogging world is sort of like leaving the elementary school and running into classmates at the store. As we observed back then - we're all friends at the store.

So, you're more than welcome. I'll swing by your (metaphorical) house now and again too!

Besides, that was a nice picture.

Heliogabalus said...


I apologize for the "off topic". but i love your response & comment to our Fray Editor farcical entity post on today's Wikifray.
Geoff is a pompous hypocrite & a professional mediocrity.
At least now i know why Antithesis & myself were banned from the Fray
(we used to torch down religion, with our "One man's religion is another man's belly laugh" approach...).

Nice to have words with you again,

All the best.

TenaciousK said...

Likewise - it's great you stopped by. I don't share your thoughts about the freditor, though I can understand how/why resentment would build.

The Fray is such an intensely social place, with a unique window into the myriad interactions of the people around you. One of the things I always thought was interesting was the degree to which people would be hobbled if they were making an attempt at self-rehabilitation. It's almost as though we get comfortable putting other people into a particular place, and we keep them there because they're doing a little job for us. In that way, the Fray seems more like a big dysfunctional family than discussion space.

Besides, we don't really know what pressures Geoff has been under in his role. I mean, everybody has somebody looking over their shoulder, don't they? In a number of positions I've been in, those same people who are making policy take pains to ensure that those who are enforcing policy are prohibited from passing the buck. Geoff's hinted at this a few times, so I imagine things like board-purges of nontopical posts were in response to complaints from above.

Hey, stop by any time. I checked your profile and didn't find a blog. Start one, and I'll link you. There's a new little community of expatriate Fraysters starting up which is actually kind've cool. I hope you keep coming around, and make yourself part of it.

TenaciousK said...

Oh and Helio - Uhm, maybe I'd care a little more about topicality if I were writing posts of more topical merit: unlikely, for the time being, so mi casa, su casa, or whatever.

Heliogabalus said...

Personally it is not a matter of resentment, i find him almost amusing in his peculiar daily snotty arrogance, the puerile way he interacts with people, his personal xtra inflated ego maniacal power trip. We never got along together, maybe i am too defiant, too old to take him seriously & care about the Fray (i loved the place but not to the extend to kiss his pompous ass, in order to be a part of the Fray inner sanctum....). I couldn't care less about having been banned (from day one, i told him that i was a very proud person, so there was no need to ban me, all he had to do was telling me that i was not welcome anymore to post on the Fray, and besides i decided to stop to post last September 2006, he banned me afterward!).
What pissed me off, was his idea of banning my long time friend
Antithesis (for no apparent reason) who was one of the best poster on Fighting words & War stories, and his recent check mark to a rancid piece of white trash racist reck neck poster by the name of Jerseyman. I have no idea who & what is Geoff outside his professional context, but as an editor he certainly represents the worst, while escaping any accountability for his puerile & infantile prepubescent bully behavior as the Fray grand inquisitor.
Just my two cents by the way.....
No i don't have a blog, i am not a very social person, but i love reading words from others (like yourself....). Always so much to learn from others.....

Keep it up.