Sunday, January 21, 2007

The statistics for visitors from the last 1324 minutes are not yet available.

Sitemeter (the free version, anyhow) sucks. The longer I've had it, the longer my lag time has gotten. While I'm suspicious this might be related to where I fit on their priority list, being a free user and all, I'm also thinking this demonstration of their concern (or capability - does it matter which?) doesn't constitute a very persuasive appeal to upgrade my service.

I'm not that thrilled with Activemeter either, however. Anybody know any good alternatives?


obfuscati said...


my guess is that after a couple of months they know you're one of the freeloaders, so they're not wasting any more resources on seducing you.

i've tried three or four different free hit counters. they all seem to be about the same, as in they're providing something for nothing, even if that something isn't much.

sitemeter's paid service didn't cost all that much, as i recall. any good reason to not give it a try? what? you trying to upset the balance of trade or sumthin?

sitemeter still has the prettiest maps, which is the only part i really care about.

Thy Goddess said...


Dunno, it looks ummm...colorful.

obfuscati said...


hadn't tried that one. but now you have to go visit my site so i can see if it works.

obfuscati said...

six hits so far, two? of them mine. looks like fast enough reporting [maybe], but no cute world map of where people are looking at you from. then again, i haven't spent much time figuring out crazyegg actually works.

[cute name]

the heat map idea looks kinda neat, a color-coded map of what parts of your webpage[s] people are clicking on, but i haven't yet figured out if that's part of the free service or not.

Keifus said...

I use "statcounter." Seems okay, and it's invisible even in the free version. (I feel sorta guilty about employing the stealth version, but I use the power only for good. I suppose I could stop if it bugs people.)


Anonymous said...

keifus: i think that was one of the ones i tried, but i didn't like doing the stealth thingy. if i remember, they do have a non-stealth counter, don't they?

thygoddess: what's up with crazyegg?! this has happened three times now -- i close that window and gazillions more pop open. i've lost interest in them already.

TenaciousK said...

Thanks for the suggestions - I'll check them out when I get a minute.

BTW: tonight I'm at 1478 minutes, and the meter's not even displaying at the bottom of the page (don't know if it displays for other people or not).


Dawn Coyote said...
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Dawn Coyote said...

Fond and Wiki are lagging, too. Hey - maybe we should pay for the upgrade and see if that makes them work better! Not.

Thy Goddess said...

Anon: Wtf? I don't own the fucking egg. If it is broken, make an omelette and stfu.

TK: I am loving that profile pic...for more reasons than one.

Morons: For the last time, his name is...Keyser Söze (with the fucking umlaut and shit).

Thy Goddess said...


No kidding...the password sitemeter emailed me: SINNOT (sin not?)

obfuscati: flufblpup/hip?

catnapping said...

statlogger's okay. It lets me know what links folks are following. It also lets me know what size screen my readers use..that sort of thing...which is pretty handy on an illustration blog.

TenaciousK said...

The statistics for visitors from the last 2289 minutes are not yet available.

I'm developing a morbid fascination for the whole lag thing. How far could this go? Will lags of a week be coming? A month?

For those too lazy to do the math (which would be me, if I wasn't more motivated), the lag would now be at 38 hours. I think I'll leave the damn thing, and perhaps try one of the others. Thanks for the suggestions.

Catnapping and Keifus: thanks for the suggestions. I think I'll try them all - why not?

ThyGoddess: how can anything so transcendent ever be a sin? I think what sitemeter was trying to tell you was - you're a divinity, and beyond mortal considerations like "sin".

With you, what would otherwise be degrading is divine. That is your power.

Can I come over?

Thy Goddess said...


You have a standing invitation.

Come over.

Now, dammit!

TenaciousK said...

Up to 2646 minutes now - less that four hours short of two days!

TG: Clothing optional?

"Standing invitation" - [comment censored for violations of good taste and proprietary interest by various stakeholders (so to speak)].

obfuscati said...

tg: i learned how to make omelettes from julia child. she always had something to say about the process too.

tk: blogger seems to occasionally corrupt all the different hit counters i've tried. usually deleting the code from my blogs and repasting a new copy of it works when i have problems.

TenaciousK said...

Obscure one:
Tried it. Got this:
The statistics for visitors from the last 1725 minutes are not yet available.

I think I'd need a whole new counter.

Maybe when I'm feeling motivated enough to set up a new account...

TenaciousK said...

There weren't any visitors to your site in the last 20 minutes.

Well I'll be damned - looks like sitemeter got the problem fixed! Those marvelous, responsive folks were able to drag their oversized, twinkie-padded IT asses of the couch, shamble off to the computer, hit a key or two and equalize the server load - after only a couple of weeks!

When I worked at the VA, we had (I thought) the least responsive IT person ever. I would catch him in his office, munching Doritos and reading paperbacks, but then he'd act like he was too busy to be bothered by the technology-challenged secretaries in the office who were having inordinate difficulty figuring out how to manage their SE/30's. (We had one of the last of those - had Steve Jobs' autograph on the inside. I'll bet he nicked it for himself.)

From a federal employee, I sort of anticipate this level of indolence.

Ah, well, free and all, right?

One of the things I have noticed is that I like Sitemeter's tracking best. They all seem to track a little differently (not page loads versus visitors, or because I forgot to have some ignore my IP, becuase I didn't forget, but in the way they consider a visitor to be unique).

So, I've got them all calibrated today. It'll be interesting to see how they vary in count.

Oh, and Keifus - congratulations on being the lone non-poetry Frayster with a link left on Zeusboy's blog.

I give up - it really is like banging my head against the wall.

For a man who says he values honesty and forthrightness, he sure tolerates little enough of it - only honest and forthright agreement is acceptable, apparently. Sad - he's one of the best writers on the board (or was, or whatever). Why he should insist on his ass being so consistently kissed, as eloquent and prolific as he is, baffles me.

Ah well - I hope his mental health holds out.

Come to think of it, I hope my mental health holds out.

Well actually, I hope that for all of us.

And on that note, I'm off to do something for which I will actually be paid.

Jimmy Jarred said...

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