Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This weeks unexpected bliss:

Stilton cheese with blueberries.

My son, a fan of Wallace and Gromit , is determined to acquire and sample Wensleydale* cheese, which Wallace has mentioned a couple of times. We were unable to find any, but I did find several varieties of Stilton (also mentioned), and this one in particular caught my eye. I bought a $9 chunk, which isn’t really that much, at $25 per pound.

White, crumbly, with the blueberries swirled in; it’s sweet, but retains a strong aged flavor.

“I’m crackers for cheese, Gromit!”

For a snippet on Wensleydale, and the salutory impact this reference exerted on a struggling dairy, look here.

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fluffy said...

wallace and gromit saves wensleydale cheese! what a great story! thanks for pointing it out.

except that now i hate you. i'm crackers for cheese myself, and now i need at least one of every item from the wensleydale cheese shop.