Sunday, June 10, 2007

Why yes, as a matter of fact, I AM too sexy for my shirt!

Catnapping did me the singular honor of dedicating an illustration to me on Wikifray.

Chrysippus crow
saved up his loot,
and bought hisself
a brand new suit.

A slave to fashion,
this dandy fella
found one that came with
a matching umbrella.

How she knew about my weakness for animal print, I can't begin to imagine.

I'm at a loss for words. [An extraordinarily rare event!]. Thanks, Catnapping!


catnapping said...

wow. how did you make a scroll frame in your post? I would love to have one of those on the side of my blog..dunno what for...but i'd think of something.

hmm...i see you in a loincloth....maybe next time...

TenaciousK said...

Well, I'd like to take credit, but in Firefox, there's no scroll frame. Something your browser is doing automatically, because I didn't resize the pic (listed it at 100%)? Firefox seems to be resizing it automatically.

I could go for a loincloth.

And what, praytell, would you be wearing?

catnapping said...

a sarong, of course. with gold trim, and a hints of hot pink...

Archaeopteryx said...

I'm looking at this in IE, and there's nothing in the scroll frame. Is that some sort of an artistic statement, or is something wrong?