Thursday, December 7, 2006

Cheese, Gromit!

Found a local distributor for Wensleydale cheese!

It's lovely (and it makes my face look nice and toothy when I say it). We enjoyed some last night, accompanied by a dandelion and burdock soda, which my son described as a combination of Nyquil and Benadryl, with a hint of licorice (I'd say anise, myself).

Strangely enough, it grows on you, and it actually provided a nice compliment to the Wensleydale.

Tonight, it's cane cola - part of my nefarious plot to instill expensive tastes in my son (motivate him to attend college). Think it'll work?


Dawn Coyote said...

Cougar Cheese, babe. Get some.

twiffer said...

mmm...cheese. i prefer caerphilly, myself. oh, or shropshire blue. that stuff is fantastic.

TenaciousK said...

mmm. Thanks for the recomendations you two: Cougar Gold, caerphilly, and shropshire blue.

DC: Cougar cheese has got to be good. It's made at the university creamery at Washington State, in Pullman. We have an analagous university, Utah State, located high in Cache Valley, that's more famous for spectacular Ice Cream than cheese. There is a popular dairy there, however, that produces popular cheese.

I've heard about the dubious impact dairy products have on health. The people of Cache Valley, however, are the subjects of studies
trying to identify the factors leading to their unusual longevity, so I think I'll take my chances.

bite said...

Should have asked me, I would have told you about that place.

bite said...

Cache Valley cheese


No reason to go to Logan unless you are going to Gossner's on 10th West and 6th North.

...and you get to taste it.


Thy Goddess said...


Next up: Best butter for your corncob.

Stay tuned. :)

TenaciousK said...

Bite: You know, I probably should be asking you for suggestions, Bite. I know caputo's, and seigfried's, and I used to hit the costa rican market out in Glendale (talamahu, or something), but I'm always eager for new finds!

I actually haven't been up to Cache Valley in a couple years (and even then, it was a quick trip). I've heard of Gossner's, though, and I'm currently buying Cafe Ibis coffee (via the Coffee Garden - best coffee shop in the city).

Hey - we could do our own little list of "bests". For example, best bagel in Utah - the Asiago Cheese at Rich's. Best cheesecake - toss-up between "The Bakery" (formerly Gourmandies) or that little place up on foothill. I'm curious about your picks.

ThyGoddess: awaiting your suggestions.